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Birds that Sing!

I love sitting on my balcony in the early evening listening to the birds sing away before the night falls. It truly is something I am grateful for .Their chirps sooth me from my day.

I cannot imagine if that stopped! If there was no more birds in Squamish to sing away.

Therefor GOT CANS has partnered with the Squamish Environmental Society to collect returnables for the SES newest project.

Squamish Environmental Society-Our newest project will help address the problem of birds killed each year in Squamish because of striking glass windows of building large and small. We want work with the community to correct this problem and ultimately win the designation of Bird-Friendly City for Squamish

Please share this information and reach out to GOT CANS regarding your returnables and help us to give to this cause ! Give without opening your cheque book!

Go to our website at to request a pick up and help save our Squamish birds!

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