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GOT CANS has been busy

What a month so far ! GOT CANS has been busy with festivals, creating our own weighing area in order to track our diversion rate and acquiring a new business partnership! We have also secured a new working location and we are super excited to set up our new shop in town!

GOT CANS provided a team of 7 and we worked all weekend at the Squamish Constellation Festival. We assisted in picking up waste and ensuring it went to the right bins, we helped with weighing all waste bags ensuring the contents were sorted properly. After each performance our GOT CANS team went out to the field picking up and sorting all plastics, cans and waste from the grounds. The vibe was amazing and the people were great as we all worked to improve the SCF diversion rate of 94% from 2019. Tones of fun , time and work and a monetary donation will be going to a local charity from both the SCF and GOT CANS.

We have a new space ! It was difficult finding a new space to set up the GOT CANS shop. We talked to one guy who sent us to the next guy and so on and so on. However persistence prevailed and we got our new space. We are super excited to work there as we are growing!

Diversion -What is a diversion rate? Well for GOT CANS it means the following: How much waste we divert from our worksite without using the landfill or incineration.

We separate all plastic wraps, plastic cups and containers, cans, glass and plastic drinking bottles. GOT CANS is now accepting all milk and nut milk containers which we ensure is washed, squished and ready to be returned properly. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our partners both community and local businesses with increasing their diversion rates through our weighing, sorting and returning practices.

GOT CANS has been able to send donation cheques from Q2 to the following local Charites: Squamish Environmental Society, Sea to Sky SPCA, Squamish Search and Rescue, Squamish Climate Action Network and Under One Roof. We are working hard to get cheques out to our local charities from our current activities in Q3.

A new GOT CANS partner! We are super proud to announce our new partnership with Nexii Building Solutions, Squamish plant. Our values are very aligned as businesses and we look forward to working with Nexii Building Solutions and giving to their charity of choice, Squamish Environmental Society!

Some pictures , enjoy.

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