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Happy New Year -2023!

Happy New Year everyone. We at GOT CANS are enjoying the first day of 2023 and we hope you are to.

Our GOT CANS team is very excited to see what experiences the new year holds. Working with our business partners we aim to reduce landfill waste by our recycling practices. At the GOT CANS sorting station we weigh, sort and divert waste.

Our goal in 2023 is to increase recyclable items, decrease waste and help businesses increase their diversion rates!

Contact us through our website if your business would like to discuss a possible partnership.

As an individual you can donate your refundable items to GOT CANS.

This new year GOT CANS will continue to donate to Under One Roof.

Funds donated will come from your individual donations!

This is a picture of Eric weighing all bags as they come in to get sorted.

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