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New Shoes made from recycled products! So Cool !

Recycle and reuse. It is amazing and horrifying how many of us are unaware of the ingenuous ways items are recycled and repurposed! Did you know that plastic bottles can be turned into playground equipment, summer lounge chairs and even recycling bins! Did you know that the newspaper you receive each week, if recycled, can turn into kitty litter and paper plates! The fiber glass used in construction can be made from recycled glass bottles. There are so many items that we use and are not aware that they may be created from a bottle, magazine or newspaper that you have taken the time to sort and recycle properly. We can really make a difference in this world of ours if we take a moment to learn what can turn into what ! Below is a link to ten amazing products created from recycled products . Also below is my new pair of adidas completely made from recyclables.

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