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Spring is in the air!

The time will be turning back on March 13th, 2022.

With the extra day light and warmer weather people will be drinking more.

Let's together be mindful of how we dispose of our aluminum cans, plastic water bottles

and milk containers. Did you know that there is 3 areas affected by our lack of recycling efforts? They are air pollution, water pollution and land pollution! Our waste both municipally (household) and industrial effect our air, water and lands that we live in and depend on. How can we not add to this waste and damage in our region? Educate your self about best practices when it comes to recycling. Know how that plastic water bottle thrown into the garbage can or into the bush will impact us now and in the future.

Did you know that a plastic water bottle takes 450 years to break down!

And yet approxemently 75% of used water bottles are not recycled properly.

So they end up in our water ways and oceans, landfills and roadsides.

So with the warmer air and brighter days coming lets all ensure that the products we use are recycled properly. Ending the life cycle of our plastic bottles, aluminum cans and milk containers without harming our beautiful Sea to Sky region.

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