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What is our clothing really made from?

We at GOT CANS live to recycle. We ensure items have a end of life cycle that is safe for our landfills and environment. Not all plastic drink bottles are made the same. If a plastic water or pop bottle is thrown into our landfill it takes roughly 450 years to decompose. This is due to the P.E.T. used to make the bottles which is known as a #1 plastic.

Did you know that when you recycle water or pop bottles properly they turn into yarn for our clothes?

This is due to the process of the bottles being washed out of chemicals and broken into flakes. The flakes are then melted into chips which in the end forms fibers. Those fibers are then spun and textured into a beautiful, yarn for our running socks or swimsuits!

Email or reach out to us at GOT CANS to book a pick up time free of charge for your returnables. Not only would you be helping out a local not for profit financially but you would be contributing towards your own socks!

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